hookers brussels

A friend of mine for several years successfully makes the fact that contains the escort Agency. We made a deal with him on barter. I help him promote his website, and he gives me an interview, which tells in hookers brussels detail what the escort services and what they eat. I got a lot of interesting information. If you come to this page from a search engine, you will be interested to read the text below. The meaning of the word «escort» everyone understands differently. Some associate the term with the sexual and financial activities of young and attractive girls, which is in fact comparable to prostitution. Others think a little differently: girls just offer their company to wealthy men, for which they receive a cash reward. Both the first and the second speculation is not an absolute fallacy. In this regard, inquisitive minds have additional questions: why do escort and prostitution have different names if girls are engaged in the same activity? why are wealthy men willing to pay a girl for the company, if they can communicate with anyone for free? Let’s answer these questions and find out what is really hidden behind the screen of activities called «escort». What is it, and what is the meaning of such services? Everything in order. Before you deal with the definition of escort, you should get acquainted with interesting historical facts. Ancient Greece-one of the few States in which the so-called sex without obligation enjoyed great popularity for several millennia. Here almost every man with decent wealth, could use the services of young and attractive prostitutes.

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