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Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a fabric related to the group of thermoplastics (Thermoplastics are plastics that subsequently form the product to protect the capacity for recycling).

Untainted PVC is 43% produced from ethylene (petrochemical product) Ramen en eeuren and 57% from bound chlorine obtained from table salt. PVC differs in the form of powder.

For the manufacture of window profiles, dusty PVC is added stabilizers, modifiers, pigments and spare additives.

These components have an impact on these qualities of window profiles, such as light resistance, stability against atmospheric influences, color color, plane quality, weldability, etc.

As stabilizers, lead is used in a key way, which is located in PVC in a bound, i.e. at the biological level of the passive state. Recently, a number of companies began to use even more harmless fusion of calcium and zinc.

To increase the impact strength (impact strength is the ability of the material to absorb mechanical energy in the process of destruction and destruction under the impact load) in polymeric materials for the manufacture of system profiles, add modifiers that increase the strength of the window details during their processing.

As a result, sometimes PVC used for the preparation of window profiles, called modified.

Still need to designate, in fact, that the table of contents of vinyl chloride monomers in 1 kg profile is not higher than 1 mg and their allocation in any processing profiles does not happen.

PVC window is considered to be a highly flammable and self-extinguishing material. It is resistant to the influence of alkalis, acids, lime, and even to atmospheric influences. Based on all the above, we see that the fabric used for the preparation of plastic Windows is considered harmless to humans. This is confirmed by the hygiene certificates, which contains any manufacturer of profiles.

Plastic window it is possible to use in production, social and residential buildings, virtually no hygiene restrictions on their use there.

Another thing, in fact, that the window of any material, in that amount of PVC and are required to meet a complete list of technical claims, such as: thermal conductivity, providing normalized air exchange, insulation, etc.

Data focuses on the area of their use.

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